Our values.



We ROAST coffee so that we have a tool

 to ENRICH the lives of those around us.


Roast & Enrich 


As coffee aficionados, we are passionate and enthusiastic about sharing our love of great coffee with others! As a team, we are constantly learning, sharing our knowledge and staying creative as we positively impact our sphere of influence. Coffee is at our core but we are more than a coffee company. We are a culture. Every culture is built on a foundation. This is ours.


We are a culture of.. Honor

We value and respect those we serve and those we work with through our words, attitude and actions. We find the good and common ground in celebration and in conflict. We act out of kindness, never react from frustration.


We are a culture of .. Excellence

We strive for a level of excellence in all we do. From restrooms to rosettas, our heart is motivated by the desire to present our very best. We set the standard for air roasted coffee. 

We are mindful that a great product will not redeem a bad experience.

We lead by example. We hold each other accountable to a higher standard.  


We are a culture of..Community

We invest in people. Through joy, generosity and kindness.

We build up and encourage our team, neighbors and greater community. People will always take priority over profit. We are friendly.


We are a culture of ..Humility

We are quick to listen. We own our mistakes. We assume the best in others. We ask for help. We are present. We are aware. 

We are intentional.

We are teachable and never stop learning.


We believe everyone has a legacy in the making. We are here to water those seeds and steward an environment that inspires dreamers and fuel doers. Welcome to Legacy Coffee Co. 


You can drink great coffee or you can experience great coffee. The choice is yours.

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