Our Dream Team

General Manager - Sheya Harkabus


Sheya was one of the first customers we had when we opened our coffee trailer in 2016. She fell in love with the coffee and has been loyal ever since.

 Sheya has a fabulous knack for conversation and is quite gifted in snark. ( Especially when it comes to football.) She oversees the general operations for our Neapolis cafe in Columbia, TN. Like most of the best in the business, she started as a barista and has worked her way up to being " the boss. " 

  Sheya brings a family-like warmth to the company and continues to be an anchor for us as we grow. We are blessed to have her with us! 

 Make sure you say to her next time you're in! But remember, don't talk bad about Wisconsin...


Creative Director/ Lead Barista- Hannah Parkerson


Everyone, meet Hannah Parkerson!

Hannah has been a part of the Legacy Coffee Co. team for about two years. Not only does she do an amazing job at training new baristas as we need them, but she also leads the charge for our Celebration Team! She brings joy and laughter into the routine of life and exemplifies what it means to Revive The Mundane for people! 

 Hannah loves people, coffee, art and did we mention people? Outside the coffee shop, you may find her travelling the world and or creating a charcoal masterpiece on paper.